PMP INTERNATIONAL run a dedicated property management department who are up to date on legal obligations and safety requirements for our landlords, we act as the first point of contact for yourself and your tenant throughout the tenancy to relieve you of any pressures.

Our devoted team are trained to deal with every part of home maintenance, ranging from wobbly taps to the ‘worst case scenario’ such as infestations, leaks and no heating. We will ensure that all necessary maintenance repairs are carried out, quickly and efficiently with your knowledge and approval. You can be rest-assured that the property and Tenants will be well looked after for the duration of the tenancy.

In the event of an emergency, Tenants can contact Property Management via our out of hours number who then determine the nature of the emergency and where appropriate, arrange for the necessary works to be carried out.

What is included in our Full Property Management Service?

  • Complete management of repairs and maintenance
  • Taking details of any issues in the property and where appropriate arranging an inspection by our
  • vetted and insured contractors
  • Informing utility suppliers of the new tenant and transfer liability
  • Key holding service
  • Arranging payment of any outgoing’s costs associated with the property I.E service charges.
  • 24hr emergency call out service for tenants
  • Full deposit negotiation between landlord and tenant and any deposit disputes
  • Quarterly inspections and organising requested inspections
  • Collection of rent and chasing rent arrears
  • Arranging renewals